The Pinkprint is Nicki Minaj’s 3rd album and it opens with quite a subdued feeling. ‘All things go’ is the opener and the melancholic story telling continues along the same vein into the excellent ‘I Lied’ and ‘The Crying Game’. Nicki seems to have some feelings she needs to get of her chest, and this is the first time I’ve heard her go a little deeper, emotionally. Don’t get me wrong though, there are 22 tracks(yeah that’s right you get your money’s worth) and it’s no Sam Smith tear jerker. If you are looking for her to spit some of her trademark rawness there is plenty of that here too. ‘Shanghai’ and ‘Want Some More’ are prime examples of this, with great similes and metaphors to keep you smiling on your train journey or car trip. 

As you would expect the Pinkprint has quite a few features including, Beyoncé, rising star Ariana Grande, and Skylar Grey. Of course Drake and Lil Wayne. And Speaking of her Young Money buddies the Album’s stand out track would have to be ‘Truffle Butter’. It’s not gonna get much radio play, but that will keep some of the fans happy. 

The final thing to note is that Minaj does a lot more singing on this album than on previous releases. And credit to her, it’s the right choice and she does very well. Whether she is able to reproduce this live is another question, but we’ll have to wait for the tour to find out.

The Verdict

Being the biggest female rapper in the game the production is banging. Phat beats with percussive subtlety, melodic grooves, and a lovely balance between vocals and instrumentation. It’s all on point! 

The Pinkprint is definitely one to add to the collection. Parents I shouldn’t have to say this but remember it’s heavy on the fruity language so not one for the kids. Enjoy this one after the watershed.

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