It’s been nearly 7 years since the release of Futuresex Lovesound definitely one of the must have albums of the noughties. This has set the bar very high for Justin’s 3rd solo album and anticipation has had fans at fever pitch ever since ‘Suit and Tie’ hit the internet. With all this said its only natural to be a little disappointed after such a build up, but is ‘The 20/20 Experience’ all about having a bit of patience?

Justin has grown as a musician in his time away and this is evident in the tone of the songs. There is not much here that will have the clubs popping off on a Saturday night but there are plenty of slow jams that will have the lovers crooning covers on their youtube pages. JT’s marriage to Jessica Biel has undoubtably had a major influence on the album and half of if sounds like a dedication to her. So if you’re looking for those hungry(Like I love you), lustful(My Love), bitter(Cry me a river) tracks you will be left wanting.

The highlights are ‘Let the groove get in’ Soulful breakdowns, lush backing vocals, and a funky Timbaland groove that bumps. ‘Don’t hold the wall’ with its Indian influence and backing vocals, a nice detour for your commercial pop track. ‘Suit and Tie’ and ‘Mirrors’ which have already been played to death.

Overall this is a good album with the high production values you’d expect from the people involved, but at the moment we are just excited to have Justin back on the music scene. If you ask me, a year, maybe 2 years from now we’ll be saying its all about the first 2 Albums!