When I first heard that Justin was releasing 20/20 Experience part 2 I have to admit like everyone I was a little annoyed. The first half was only unleashed upon our timberlake starved ears 6 months ago, It stinks of a marketing ploy to capitalise on the public’s hunger! And the fact that the first half was more a chicken sandwich than the home made burger we ordered leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Anyway enough of the food references down to the music.

We open the with a phat funky groove that sets the tone for what’s to come, lustful, animalistic, pop that has JT and Timbaland coursing through its veins and firing on all cylinders. By track 3 the dancers out there will be up and throwing shapes like a riot at kindergarten. (I hate to go on, but why the fillers 6 months ago, money, money, money!). Track 5 and we are at the only song to have had radio play prior to the release, and it easy to understand why. ‘Take back the night’ is a text book banger, but done so well that its hard to think of the last time we heard a top 40 track of such effortless class! When the boys are on they’re on, and this is the perfect advert for the 20/20 Experience part 2!(sorry you’re gonna have to fork out again, unless you are downloading pirate, Ooooooo arrrrgh)

I could go on and describe how the album unfolds, but you get the picture, it’s what you wanted the first time round with a much better balance of songs and much more of the old Justin that we know and love. For this reason, for the first time in the milksblog history we are taking away half a star from the original 20/20 review, we were swept up in the
comeback and lost some objectivity. Part 2 is the real deal!