I’m not the biggest fan of the zombie genre. Sorry if I offend but once you’ve seen a couple, you’ve kind of seen them all. This may be why War War Z has not really been pitched as a zombie flick and its a clever move. From 5 mins in you better make sure you are strapped in, the action begins, and it’s all stations go from here on. Brad Pitt plays a retired UN employee (Gerry Lane) who gets sucked back into service to help save the world from a pandemic that is set to destroy humanity.

It does of course get a little more complicated than that but no spoilers here. The great thing about World War Z is the pacing, at no point do you feel things are going too slow, and clues are left in such a way that the viewer feels they are figuring things out at precisely the right time. As well as that there is a good balance between all out machine gun, and explosions action and the more subtle, edge of your seat tense action. It’s spot on. The only thing that doesn’t sit quite right is Gerry’s(Pitt) uncanny knack for survival at 1 or 2 moments, but these pass quickly, and we are plunged back into the story with continued urgency.

Special effects are fantastic, with apocalyptic shots of thousands upon thousands of infected humans trying to take over the world dispersed sporadically throughout, and close up zombie interaction that is hard to fault.

World War Z is a very enjoyable summer blockbuster that ticks all the boxes you
would expect, and with plenty of scope for a sequel we are sure this is
not the last instalment.