Glass Film Review

This Glass Film review aims to answer a question. It’s the 3rd film in a series by acclaimed director M. Night Shyamalan. Not new to the Hollywood scene his films can be hit or miss. But will his latest offering deliver on the excitement that has built since the release of the first film nearly 20 years ago?

Firstly, if you are wondering whether you need to see the first 2 films before watching this, I would say yes. There is a wealth of knowledge about the characters that will help when watching Glass. Plus it only enhances this well written story.

Where does the story start?

We open 15 years on from Unbreakable and a couple of years on from Split. Elijah (aka. Mr Glass) is sedated in an psychiatric hospital. Kevin Wendell Crumb (aka. The Horde) has kidnapped 4 cheerleaders ready to have his wicked way with them. And finally David Dunn (aka. The Overseer) is running a security business while also being a vigilante. Basically all is well in the world of the comic book. That is until a chain of events leads all 3 of our protagonists to be in the same hospital under psychiatric evaluation for delusions of grandeur. Can’t tell you too much more but the story ticks along nicely from here keeping the viewer interested all the way. 

What’s the Verdict?

Glass is a return to form for Mr Shyamalan and a very different kind of superhero movie. If you are looking for fast paced action and plot like Marvel’s Infinity War or Black Panther then you are in the wrong place. Known for his much slower and cerebral pace, Glass echoes of Shyamalan’s early films. With a steady build of information that leads up to an earth shattering twist. Don’t get me wrong, you’re jaw isn’t going to drop like in The Sixth Sense but not many will see where the film is going.

There are some really nice touches which make the movie feel believable. Using the same actor (Spencer Treat Clark) as David Dunn’s (Bruce Willis) son was lovely. And using what I can only assume were deleted scenes from Unbreakable to help delve into characters current psyche was also great. The real high point of this film though, is James McAvoy. As with Split he switches between his characters personalities with a mastery you don’t often see. It’s almost worth watching just for this.

And finally…

This film won’t be for everyone and I don’t think some will be please with the way things turn out. But we have to remember this director doesn’t do happy endings. What I can say is things are left open. It may or may not lead to more films in this series. But hopefully we have put a lid on a very unique superhero trilogy that will only grow in its following and discussions about it. 

I hope you enjoyed this Glass Film review and please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out some of my other reviews. Thanks 😉

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