The Dog Who Saved the World Book Review


‘The Dog Who Saved the World’ is the 4th book by bestselling children’s author Ross Welford. Originally a journalist and television producer, he published his first book ‘Time Travelling with a Hamster back in 2016. Since then he has had a string of successful titles and been shortlisted for many awards. Including The Costa Book Award and the Blue Peter Book Award. This story follows an eleven year old girl called Georgie who loves dogs. Her World is turned upside down when she has to return Mr Mash (her dog) to the local dogs home. All because her step mum is allergic. If that wasn’t enough, a deadly disease threatens to wipe out humanity and she may be the only one who can save it. So she enlists help from her best friend, a retired eccentric scientist and of course Mr Mash. 

What do I think of the story?

The Dog Who Saved the World is a fantastic tale that kids aged 8-13 will love. It is very well written and guides the reader beautifully, with a well thought out, easy to follow style. Written by a dog lover it will definitely strike a chord with dog lovers, but don’t assume if you’re not a dog person you won’t love the book. There is plenty in here for everyone to get their teeth stuck into. Including time travel, virtual reality, family dynamics and a worldwide pandemic.

I really want my kids to read this book as I think the way Georgie tells the story connects well with the target audience. The plot development will keep them turning the pages through to the end. Which is exactly what most parents are looking for in this digital age. Also I love the technique Ross uses for words that might be new for young readers.

In conclusion, this is a must read and will only further cement Welford as a very talented children’s author who will continue to gain fans as more and more people discover his books. 

If you would like the chance to win a full set of Ross Welford books make sure you head over to the Meeting Ross Welford post. Plus don’t forget to check out My other Film, Music and Book reviews. And feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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