What are PetSqueaks?

PetSqueaks ™ are cute little pocket-sized robotic pets from VTech®. Each one has 3 sensors that trigger fun and interactive responses when played with. Once you turn them on they move and scurry around on flat surfaces just like a real pet! PetSqueaks™ come with 3 accessories; headwear, jacket and a food item. Put the food item in your pets hands to see their cheeks light up in delight as they eat!

Safe for kids aged 3 and up. They will have hours of fun playing with their new pet friends who are small enough to accompany you on a day out.

What’s the Verdict?

I think PetSqueaks are great for toddlers. Gave one to my niece and she immediately started talking to it and saying ‘Good boy’. This was without any prompting from me. So the role play effect of this one is definitely high. 

Once out of the packet and turned on your PetSqueak starts to sing and talk depending on which sensor has been activated. Mine did the the odd burp and fart too which I wasn’t expecting, but did make both my niece and I laugh. One of the good things about PetSqueaks is they are pretty strong. We all know these will be dropped from great heights but they are built to withstand this. So they shouldn’t break on the first fall. Price is also reasonable at £14.99 so it’s a yes from me.

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As always, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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