The Hunger Games Book Review


This Hunger Games Book Review almost didn’t happen, it was destined to be a film review. At the time of reading the book I hadn’t seen the film, and having now seen the film I’m so glad I avoided it. The book is fantastic. I don’t know why I didn’t hear much about it when it was first published. Maybe I was in the wrong demographic, and it’s a shame because it’s written very well and will appeal to a wide range of people.

I actually had no intention of reading the book but when my 11 yr old son (who needs to be reminded to read) finished the book within a week I was intrigued. Combine that with the fact that he said ‘Daddy you need to read this book!’ and The Hunger Games book review was added to the to do list. 

The story is set in a dystopian future where North America has been replaced by Panem. A country with 12 districts. It follows 16 year old Katniss Everdeen, who has become the sole provider for her family after the death of her father in a mining accident. Katniss is a survivor, she has always dealt with whatever life has thrown at her, and she’s about to be tested to her utmost.

What do I think of the story?

The Hunger Games is a superb book that I highly recommend. It’s aimed at young teens aged 12-16 but adults and younger advanced readers will enjoy it too. Written with lovely a style it flows from one scene to the next effortlessly with no confusion or glossing over things. The world and workings of Panem are mapped out beautifully, which is more than I can say for the film. I found the film a little jarring after reading the book. Too many small but important things were unexplained or left out completely. 

The thing that teens will probably take from it more than anyone else is the way it touches on the feelings of love and attraction. There is hardly any in this the first book (I think they are setting us up for more in the subsequent books) but it’s done in an inquisitive way that will resonate with what might actually going on in a teens mind. As well as this, it will be majorly different from the books they have read before. Being told you can read a book where teenagers are running around killing each other in a competition will spark most young peoples imaginations.

As I said my son loved the book and has finished all three. Now his sister want to start. Any book that can get my boy to read as quickly as he did gets a double thumbs up in my world.

To conclude…

This is definitely one to add to the 100 must read books list (Oooooo I should actually write my own list). And a great one for inspiring young people to read.

I hope you enjoyed this Hunger Games Book review and don’t forget to check out My other Film, Music and Book reviews. And feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Also if you are a parent with a baby, make sure you check out my Baby Club Diaries!

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