So the man who inspires love or hate in the masses is back with his latest sci-fi blockbuster. Oblivion starts well, setting the scene with sweeping shots of a post apocalyptic earth, populated by our hero and his partner. Jack(Cruise) and Victoria(Riseborough) have been tasked with maintaining the super technologies that will provide the energy for our colonisation elsewhere. Only problem is, these awe inspiring futuristic machines are under constant attack from Scavs, the race who almost wiped out mankind.

Thats about all I can tell you without spoiling the plot, but sci-fi lovers out there should agree this sounds promising. Don’t get your hopes up though, the story of Oblivion doesn’t go too far from here. There are a couple of moments when the story touches something great. Had the powers that be had the guts to explore some of the exsistential conundrums, we could have had a much more interesting film. Instead we get the ‘no questions asked’ Hollywood happy ending that pays the bills, but doesn’t stretch the mind nearly enough.

The acting in Oblivion is mediocre with nobody being pushed. Tom plays a standard character from the Cruise play book, including motorcycle scene. Morgan Freeman is as always a welcome sight but appearances are brief and the character uninspiring. Andrea Riseborough does a little better but the character must be one of the most annoying since Sarah Silverman in ‘School of Rock’.

There are 2 redeeming things about Oblivion. Firstly the cinematography, the post war landscapes are very realistic with a seamless mix of sets and CGI. Secondly Jack’s ship/cruiser(no pun intended) is magnificent. It’s Harrier jump jet, meets helicopter, meets gyroscope, meets pod racer. Flawless. I’d love to pop to the supermarket it one of these.

If you are shooting an earth after the end multi million dollar movie, go see this to make sure you landscapes are in the right ball park otherwise wait until they show it on the tv!