Space, its normally pitched as the final frontier, but how’s this for a reality check? Space, the most beautiful and at the same time the most deadly place you would ever want to be left. Gravity is probably every astronaut’s worst nightmare, and if you are all paid up to go with Branson you might wanna give this a miss! For the rest of us paupers though, it’s
about as close as we’ll ever come to experiencing life above earth’s atmosphere, so we recommend you shell out and get the full IMAX 3D experience.

Visually this film is incredible, from beginning to end Gravity evokes that childlike feeling of wonder and amazement at the infinite vastness of space and how our beautiful teeny tiny planet fits into it. The harshness of the environment is also far from forgotten, with stark reminders of how unforgiving and dangerous space exploration can be. The greatest triumph though, is the perfect portrayal of the weightlessness in space. The bar has been raised and if there is anyone out there making another space movie I hope you’ve got 100 million at your disposal and the right SFX team, otherwise you’re gonna fall short.

Acting wise Sandra  Bullock does a great job of bringing the desperation and fear a situation like this calls for and Clooney is that light relief everyone needs when staring death in the face.  The only problem with Gravity is some may feel the story is a little light on substance, but that’s not the case. Substance is there but it’s left to you the viewer as to whether you want to engage. Mortality is a not everyone’s favourite subject but we’ll all have to deal with it one day! Question is……… Is today the day?

With balletically realistic portrayals of space, this is a big screen must!