Its been a 3 year wait for the 2nd instalment of the Marvel Avengers films, but that wait is finally over. Marvel’s Avengers – Age of Ultron is released on Thursday and a legion of comic book fans are about to go into a frenzy. I was lucky enough to attend a press screening with an introduction from director Joss Whedon and I’m still a bit dazed to be honest(don’t worry there are no spoilers here).

From the moment the film starts we are plunged into the action and our favourite heroes are doing what they do best, with that ever so well placed tongue in cheek attitude that we loved so much in Avengers Assemble. It seems as though Whedon & co have really listened to what the fans appreciated first time round and dished up a double helping. A shining example of this is the amount of comedy moments there are in Age of Ultron. There is scarcely a scene without a comedy one liner of visual gag. No matter how serious it gets. Now this should be annoying, but the quality and timing of these moments is such that the audience have no choice but to submit and come along on the ride. And what a ride it is!

With a superhero blockbuster like this, its always hard to strike a balance between action, character development, comedy, on screen time for 10 important characters(yes there is someone missing from the photo above! And he will be a favourite I promise). I have no complaints though. In Age of Ultron all of these delicate areas were handled perfectly. Last time round really felt like Downey Jr. and Ruffalo’s film. But this time round nobody steals the show and the story lends itself well to discovering a little more of the vulnerable and emotional sides to our gifted men and demigods. We are given us just enough to make us sympathise and back our ‘Team'(or’Time Bomb’) to the end of days!

As you would expect there is no faulting the ‘cool’ or ‘slick’ of Age of Ultron. There are new gadgets, new tech and new supers with some fantastic potential. The set pieces are phenomenal with John Woo and Matrix style slow mo’s that will be dissected for months and years to come. I was in the auditorium wishing I had a remote control to rewind certain scenes that will leave you in awe. I need to see it at least once maybe twice more. Which brings me to the only point of contention that the average movie goer may have. Over the past 7 years since Iron Man, Marvel have built up quite a universe. And up until now I don’t think it has been a necessity to have seen the other films or have a foundation knowledge to enjoy and understand what you are watching, but I think we are definitely moving into a different age. To fully grasp and appreciate this one it helps to know some back story and have a history. At the end of the day this is only gonna work in Marvels favour as millions of new fans clammer to absorb and comprehend this ever expanding fantastical universe!