Snow White and the Huntsman is the second film about the legendary lady and her little friends in just as many months. What the new found interest in this story is we dont know, but the trailer promises action and adventure with maybe a new darker twist to things. A cast that boasts Oscar winner Charlize Theron and Hollywoods hottest up and coming young talent (Kristen Stewart-Twilight Saga, Chris Hemsworth-Avengers Assemble, Sam Claflin-Pirates of the Caribbean 4), had us excited and lucky to be watching on opening night, but maybe we should have saved ourselves.

For the first hour the film doesn’t go anywhere. Its a story most of us have bumped into at some point in our lives, so the suspense and lack of direction in the first half has you waiting for a twist or surprise or monumental battle none of which ever arrive. It just bubbles alongs at a pretty lethargic pace going over things we already know or have seen in the trailer. When the dwarves turn up you do expect things to pick up, but even though there are some acting legends(Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins), made to look like small people. They are not used to anywhere near their full capacity.

The best things about the film are the special effects which are done well, and the scenes with the dark and slightly deranged queen played by Theron. Apart from this its just a vehicle for all the afore mentioned young eye candy to keep their profiles high, and keep the youth interested in them.

We give Snow White and the Huntsman an unsatisfactory[rating:2.0] You may aswell just watch the trailer, its better than the film!