If you haven’t heard about this movie I don’t know what planet you’ve been on, but its finally arrived and at some point you are gonna have to get up to speed. Marvel have for the last 4 years been reintroducing us to some of their greatest superheros in preparation for this moment. The build up has been immense with no real failures (other than Captain America which still made 36million dollars in the US alone. Chump change!!). The only worry for the fans, was after all this hype would the final product be WORTH it. In every sense of the word yes, yes and YES!!

Seeing the trailer is like taking a hit of pure excitement, but we couldn’t help wondering what else is left to show us! Believe us there is plenty more to see (no spoilers here)! Its a 2hr 22mins rollercoaster ride that hardly stops to let you catch a breath! With 8 characters to keep at the forefront of our minds, director Joss Whedon has drawn on his tv experience well for this, his first feature film. Known for Buffy and for getting a writer credit on Toy Story, he be a strange choice for Marvels make or break moment for the next 5 years, but the boy done good! With great perfomances from a stellar cast(Downey Jr. and Ruffalo in particular) you’ll be amazed, shocked, excited, and unexpectedly, you’ll laugh quite a bit too!!

The clever thing about this film is that its works on so many different levels for different people. Fanboys will love the little throw away comments, Marvel first timers will understand whats going on and still get immersed in the fantasy, girls won’t feel like its a guy flick, kids will love the action onslaught, and everyone will want to be an Avenger!!

We give Avengers Assemble or first ever [rating:5.0] if we could buy a real Iron Man suit we would!!!!