Nicki Minaj is back and this time she’s let her alter ego Roman Zolanski and her mother Martha Zolanski(with the british accent) have a little bit more of the spotlight. With 22 tracks to listen to its taken a little while to wade through it all but we’ve done it and have the verdict for you!

Now we’ve heard talk that its a concept album to bring Roman to the audienece blah blah blah!!! The fact is Nicki likes to play with her voice and throw different styles and accent about and she’s very good at it! As far as that being a concept though, it lacks enough direction to be classed as a that.(‘A Grand don’t come for free’ THAT’S a concept Album). At base Level there are 2 sides to this, there’s the hip hop Minaj that brought her to our attention, and then there is the more recent bubblegum pop Nicki that we started to see on Super Bass. Both sides are good when firing on all cylinders, with the right production bed to lay on, but the sheer number of tracks makes this a hard ask for anybody.

If you are looking for hip hop Minaj there are a few to choose from namely ‘Roman Holiday’, ‘Roman Reloaded’, ‘HOV Lane’. Mixed in with a couple RnB numbers ‘Right by my Side’, ‘Young Forever’ and ‘Gun Shot’ you’d be forgiven for thinking this album may be ok but remember 6/22 is not a good score in anyones book. If you’re looking for bubblegum Nicki then I’ll give you ‘Starships’ (even though its no Super Bass) but the other euroPOOP doesn’t even touch the sides! There are too many let downs on this album. The track with Drake is nothing compared to their previous collaborations. Its aiming at ‘Moment for Life’ territory but falls hopelessly short. In MFL she rapped “cause i’m still hood Hollywood couldn’t change me” but it looks as though it has!

The second offering from Nicki gets a dissatisfying [rating:2.0]

We don’t even want to post a song from this album, lets just have the old Nicki for life!!