Last week I was lucky enough to go to a screening of Disney’s Cinderella. This meant that I got to see Frozen Fever, the new short from Disney Animation Studios.

With Frozen 2 having just been announced and the public a little tired of “letting it go” I was interested to see how I would feel about Frozen Fever and how a crowded cinema would react.

Now its easier to please an audience watching a short because you have less time to lose their attention, but it also means there is less time to tell a new story, remind people of characters, introduce new angles, have in jokes that nod back to the original, and do it all so seamlessly that you don’t even realise all that happened. Well Disney have risen to this challenge and even those who appreciated the first movie, but don’t want a second, will see this and say “maybe the second one will be alright!!!”

Without giving too much away its all about a celebration for Ana’s birthday and its set not long after the film. All your favourite Frozen characters are in there and are as funny as ever, along with a few new ones especially for the short. Look out for Olaf’s new snow friends who are unbelievably cute and seem to pop up everywhere.(merchandising will have a field day with this). Also look out for one of my favs Oaken who has a little Sauna appearance(nudge nudge).

As usual the music is composed beautifully and complements what is happening on screen. Having only listened to the song once, I already know there is going to be Frozen Fever(wink wink) and its going to be sung all over the world with thousands of YouTube covers to follow so watch out for that.

Finally!! With no surprise here. The animation and effects quality of Frozen Fever is absolutely stunning. One wonders how far you can push the boundaries and whether we are close to reaching a limit. Regardless, if you keep churning out content of this standard nobody will be able to let it go!;-)