Ice Age 4 see our well known heros Manny, Diego and Sid thrown into yet another adventure amidst an earth changing continental drift. “Can they entertain us as much this time round?” I hear you cry!! Well they give it damn good try and the kids that this instalment is is aimed at are sure to enjoy themselves. It isn’t quite as clever as previous prehistoric romps but the high production values and beautiful animation that we have come to love are as solid as ever.

The really cool thing about continental drift though, is the number of stars that have loaned their voices to the franchise this time around. You’re guaranteed to be thinking ‘I know that voice’ and the end credits are a lovely touch. See how many you actually recognised.

Overall Ice Age 4 is animation meets Pirates of the caribbean with its fair share of goodies, Badies, comedy and adventure on the high seas. If you are looking for something to see during the kids summer holidays you could do a lot worse. [rating:3.0]