Whether you are avid fan of Hawkings, or know nothing about him (other than he uses that iconic computer voice to communicate), The Theory of Everything definitely has something to say about the life of arguably, one of the most recognised scientists of our time.

If you are expecting a film about complex mathematical theories, and hoping for a deeper understanding of Hawkings ground breaking work, then you are looking in the wrong place. This film is about the most human, intriguing, everday subject in the world, the relationship between a man and a woman. Don’t get me wrong. We still get to see Hawkings go from his college years back in the swinging 60’s, through to the publishing of his best selling book in the 80’s, and all the trials and tribulations along the way. What really endears this film to me though, is the stark look at how his fight with motor neurone disease affects the closest person to him. His wife Jane. And in doing this it poses awkward questions that may never have entered our minds.

With excellent performances by Eddie Redmayne (Hawkings), who really does a fantastic job of capturing the physicist at all stages of the physicality of his disease, and Felicity Jones(Jane Hawkings) who portrays the difficult situation Jane chooses to put herself in, with dignity. Its hard not to see a bright future for both actors in coming years, especially if there is a deserved Oscar nomination somewhere along the way.

Stirring music and a beautifully edited set pieces by Director James Marsh(Man on Wire) mean he has once again captured and told a wonderful story, thats not about success and happy endings but about struggle and real human interaction. The Theory of Everything is a real triumph!!