Mowgli is Back!!

The Jungle Book (2016) has arrived!! It was way back in 1967 that Disney released their original animated classic. 49 years is definitely enough time to wait before exploring this much loved Rudyard Kipling story, through another’s eyes. And more than a few people have thought this, because Warner Bros also have a film in post production, and scheduled for 2018.

What have Disney done differently?

You would be forgiven for thinking Jon Favreau‘s Jungle Book (2016) is a live action film. But in essence it’s an animation. From the opening scenes we are treated to CGI of the highest standard. So much so, that it’s very difficult to see where animation stops, and real life begins. The only living thing in this film, is its star Mowgli played by Neel Sethi. I don’t use the term star loosely here. Sethi does a fantastic job with this role. Not once did my belief that he was running around the jungle wain. And his interaction with animals that essentially weren’t there, was faultless. Not to be over shadowed, the vocal performances throughout The Jungle Book (2016) are fantastic. Bill Murray bringing a his much loved humour to the lovable Baloo. Idris Elba portraying Shere Khan with a menace that will send shivers down spines. Christopher Walken giving King Louie a Satirical twang and Ben Kingsley holding down the narrative as Bagheera.

The downside to the movie, is its pacing. There are a couple of places where things could move along a little faster. I wondered whether this was because I knew the story, but content wise there is not much more story than the original, yet this film, is a good 20 minutes longer. 

Finally, you may be wondering wether you’ll be treated to any of the much loved music and song from the original. The trailer hints at it, but… would it fit this new, much darker, take on things? Without spoiling anything, all I can say is… it’s been handled well. 

The Jungle Book 2016 is a lovely look at a story that will keep entertaining audiences for many years to come