It’s time for the next instalment in the Marvel film universe. Captain America Civil war hits the UK screens April 29th. The build up has been immense. It’s had the usual teasers and surprises and the world has been plunged into the world of #teamcap and #teamironman. That’s right, 2 of our favourite Avengers are going head to head, in what promises to be a superhero battle of epic proportions. Coming only weeks after rival DC comics ‘Batman Vs Superman‘, it’s hard not to compare the 2 films. The thing is, there is no contest. Captain America Civil War is light years ahead of the competition. 

Let’s start with the basics. The story, the heart of any film. It’s well thought out, coherent, and fits well into the Marvel universe we have already been shown. There is definitely an ultimate plan, and a bigger picture that has been adhered to. This is just another step towards a mammoth Marvel day of reckoning.

The pacing of Captain America Civil War is lovely. From action, to explanations, to comedy, to character development, there is a beautiful balance between everything. Leaving us the viewer with a text book piece of entertainment, that you can sit and let wash over you. We are never left without answers to our questions. Yet we still hunger for what happens next. Highlights would have to be the introductions to 2 new characters from the Marvel Universe. Spiderman’s intro to Tony Stark in particular, will have audiences laughing out loud. And this scene, along with the whole movie, is peppered with those classic one liners, that we have become accustomed to from our genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

In essence this feels like more of an Avengers films than a Captain America film, but I don’t know many people that will be disappointed at this. Most of the big hitters are here, with one or too new abilities that we haven’t seen yet(would love to tell you but that will spoil your fun)! With great performances from relative newcomers Tom Holland (Spidey), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), there seems to be no shortage of avenues that could/will be explored. But as always, things are left wide open for the next chapter in the saga.

Go see this one, it’s a Marvel fans must!!!!!!!