Of all the superhero films of the the last 10 years Batman Vs Superman has had the most scepticism surrounding it. The most common statement I’ve heard is ‘why are they even doing it?! Batman wouldn’t even have a chance!’. But the key, is in the second part of the title, Dawn of Justice. DC comics have some major competition in the Marvel Avengers series and they have to do something to step up to the plate. Otherwise they’ll be left by the wayside.

Batman Vs Superman starts off well, we get straight into a recap of where our heros have come from, with a look back at Man of Steel, and Batman Begins. It all feels good here and we are given extra information about unseen events that happened during the immense battle in Metropolis between Kal-El and General Zod. Its sad to say that from here on, the film loses its way a bit. We see unnecessary dream sequences, introductions to new characters, and complex plot building all going on at the same time. This leads to points where we are literally wondering what is going on, and the answers we receive don’t satisfy. Having said that there are a few good scenes. The initial meeting of Clark, Bruce and Lex,  Superman being held accountable in court, and of course the fight between Superman and Batman, are all notable. But the problem with this movie is that they have tried to cram too many things in. It feels like it should have had better planning. Maybe an origin story and another Man of Steel outing may have helped(Marvel had 5 films prepping us for Avengers). I know the other films are scheduled, but maybe they should have come first as this just all felt a little rushed. 

Character wise the film wasn’t bad. Ben Affleck plays a good Bruce Wayne, while Cavill‘s Superman is suitably god-like. Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg, is taken in a more more psychotic direction, which plays into DC’s darker take on the comic book genre. The surprise memorable performance, would have to be Jeremy Irons portrayal of Alfred. Subtly sarcastic with a hint of distain.

The action and effects were up and down. The new Batmobile looked lovely but was a little unbelievable even by superhero standards. As mentioned before, the Batman Vs Superman fight is fantastic, with little moments that all comic book fans will appreciate whether you like the film or not. Unfortunately the rest of big scenes are neither here nor there and this is a definite consequence of the disjointed story. The final climax not having nearly the effect it should.

Definitely not DC’s best work but its 3 strikes before you’re out and I’d say thats probably the first one.