Last month saw Drake return with his highly anticipated second studio album, but does the man with the distinct Canadian drone still excite us as much as the hype. ‘Over my dead body’ is the opening track and in true Drizzy style it sounds like an honest account of how he’s feeling. “I think I killed everybody in the game last year, man, fuck it I was on though” is his opening line. To the point, and supposedly from the heart, much of the album continues in this way. Its nothing innovative or new compared with his first offering, but lets not write things off just yet.

‘Headlines’ is the first release and is more of Drake blowing his own trumpet, but you can’t help yourself, its a Banger!! I don’t know wether its his meteoric rise or just the honesty you feel from the lyrics but there is something in the music that just feels right. Another thing going for the Album is that it doesn’t seem (apart from the title track ‘Take Care’ with Rihanna) like anything is being done to be commercially viable. If you gave these tracks to an unknown artist and tried to get them a record deal they’d have a tough time.

On first listening I have to say, on the whole, I was disappointed. But WAIT, listen a few more times and it definitely swells into the large shoes it has to fill. Stand out tracks are 1.’Marvins Room’ an account of a night in the life of, the mood is set by the sparse beat which compliments the minimal keyboards. Close your eyes and you are transported to a club with a drunk, lonely, vunerable man. 2.’Make me Proud’ featuring fellow Young Money member Nicki Minaj. 3.’The Motto’ only on available on the Deluxe version, you dont wanna miss this one!!

Drake’s Take Care gets [rating:4.0] definitely one to add to the collection! It will grow on you as time goes by!