Last month Rihanna released her latest Album ‘Talk that Talk’. The lead single ‘We found Love’ produced by Clavin Harris has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, and you can hardly go anywhere without hearing it, so there’s no need to even go there. ‘You Da One’ has also had its fair share of airplay so I won’t talk that talk either. The trouble is there isn’t really much else to talk about. Out of the 14 tracks there are only 4 maybe 5 that I wanna listen to(2 of which I said I wouldn’t mention). The rest are a bunch or well produced fillers. The first time my ears perk up is for ‘Cockiness(Love it)’ before this we are just ticking the fans boxes with a couple europop tracks and your standard RnB feature (which is not Jay-z’s best work. Probably too busy Watching the Throne for the soon to arrive hier). After that you have a piece of pure marketing genius or pure stupidty, ‘Birthday Cake’ the most raw and tasty cut on whole album fades out after 1min 18sec. Yes, you did read that correctly. You barely get the chance to say OOoooooooweeee and its gone. We’ll see where that goes but don’t be surprised if they re-release the album with the the lost tracks, which frankly wouldn’t  be a bad idea. Maybe we would get our Rihanna’s worth!

Overall I’m giving this one [rating:2.5]

Fans may love it but has the good girl really gone bad.