What are Lollipets?

Lollipets are cute collectible pets that really move! Hold their favourite treat (included) in front of them and their floppy ears and tails will wiggle as they scamper towards it! You can even use their sugary snack to guide them. Hold their treat above to make them hop; behind to make them sprint; or to the side to make them dodge.

There are 20 to collect and depending on the type of pack you purchase you may even unbox a rare Lollipets. You can even put your new pals and their unique treats in your pocket and take them with you, wherever you go!

What’s the Verdict?

I think Lollipets are defintely one of the more interactive collectibles. Which I think can only be a good thing. Far too many collectibles don’t do anything but sit there. Having said that don’t expect the interaction to be based on sensors or high tech gizmos. It’s a good old fashioned magnet that creates the movement between the sugary snack and lollipets. 

With all the advanced technology out there I would love to have seen some sensors in these to make the interactions better. But that may have only pushed the price up. And as collectibles they are already on the upper end of the price scale. £7.99 for 1 and £14.99 for 2. Make sure you definitely want these before buying as collecting all 20 could get expensive. 

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As always, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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