Exclusive New Year 2019 Competition

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New Year 2019 Competition

I know Christmas has only just finished but I’m still in that giving mood. I have a few toys left over from the Christmas Twitter Party 2018. and Christmas Toy Competition, so I thought I’d give the loyal members of my website the exclusive opportunity to win them. This New Year 2019 Competition is only open to those registered to the site. It’s a ‘Thank You’ for the support you’ve shown in 2018 and a gesture to let you know 2019 is gonna be even bigger and better.

Keep reading as all the toys listed below will be won by 1 very lucky person. The total value of the prize is over £230. 

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GraviTrax Starter Set (RRP £49.99)

Experience the power of gravity! GraviTrax is the all new STEM track system from Ravensburger! Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling! This STEM system is an ideal one to teach kids about gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and fun. I remember a similar toy back in the 80’s but things have come a long way since then. The GraviTrax track system will really get kids thinking. It can also be extended indefinitely with extra track packs and add-on’s – including a Catapult, Hammer, Loop and Magnetic Cannon! Let the good times roll!

Luvabella (RRP £89.99)

Luvabella is a loveable and lifelike baby doll that keeps kids engaged through nurture and play. With over 200 unique responses it is hard to predict what this doll is going to do. This makes the imaginative role play experience of looking after a baby all the more real. The doll comes in both boy and girl models, and each is sold with 3 accessories and a dummy. From feeding time with her spoon, play time with her Lamby, to nap time with her bottle, Luvabella will respond with natural reactions. The most amazing thing about this doll though, is the fact that the more you play with it, the more it learns, and there are over 100 words you can teach it.

Zoom Tubes Car Trax Starter Kit (RRP £24.99)

Toy car racing gets an overhaul with Zoom Tubes Car Trax and it’s not even on sale in the UK yet. Rather than flat track pieces, it comes with several clear tubes that can be connected together to form any number of insane configurations. The included, remote-controlled car lights up, creating a strobe effect as it flies through the track. Use the included USB cord to recharge your miniature vehicle. Start your high-speed adventure with this Starter kit but this is only the beginning. There are expansion packs that can be bought  to make huge courses for this cool toy.

Cake Pop Cuties – Character (RRP £4.99 each)

Last year I was introduced to the squishy. Small items in all different shapes and sizes that are made out of that squishy stress ball kind of foam. Well this year things have moved on and we have Cake Pop Cuties. Each lollipop shaped Cake pop, contains a squishy foam cute character. 12 characters to collect in total. While super shy, they look so sweet….what will be your magical bakery treat?

Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset by Fingerlings (RRP £24.99)

Remember Fingerlings from last year? Well now you can tame your own dinosaur with the Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset by Fingerlings! When your Untamed dinosaurs get a little too ferocious, keep them safe in this special time-out cage. The Jailbreak playset comes with Infrared, a fearsome T-Rex you’ll have to keep under control. Pull the lever to see Infrared burst out of his cage, ready to tame.The exclusive Infrared T-Rex has glow-in-the-dark eyes and a burning need to escape. Will you train him to be a fierce friend or a ferocious foe?

Incredibles 2 Power Couple (£29.99)

The Ultimate Team! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a flying Elastigirl!! Use Mr Incredible’s super strength to slingshot Elastigirl into the fight and save the city! Lock Mr. Incredible’s arms into position to launch Elastigirl! Move Mr. Incredible’s arms to activate sounds! Load, Pull back and Go! This toy features 45+ sounds, a 12 inch Mr. Incredible, a 12 inch Elastigirl figure that stretches, and 3 targets. 

Win all the toys listed in this Exclusive New Year 2019 Competition!

For your chance to win all the items featured on this page:

  1. A Gravitrax Starter Set (RRP £49.99)
  2. A Luvabella Doll (RRP £89.99)
  3. A Zoom Tubes Car Trax Starter Kit (RRP £24.99)
  4. 3 Cake Pop Cuties (RRP £4.99 each)
  5. An UNTAMED Jailbreak T-Rex Playset (RRP £24.99)
  6. An Incredibles 2 Power Couple (RRP £29.99)

You need to complete BOTH tasks listed below. The more you do the better your chances.

  1. Leave a comment with your ideas of what you want to see in the Backstage area of my website over the coming months. (Very important). Do this by adding a comment HERE in the designated section at the bottom of this ‘Exclusive New Year 2019 Competition’ blog post. (NOT on Facebook). If the ideas are good I may even implement them.
  2. TAG Friends in my Exclusive New Year 2019 Competition FB post to increase your chances. Maximum 10 Tags.

Competition closes Sunday 6th of January 2019 at 11:59pm. There is only 1 prize up for grabs, so make sure you complete  BOTH the tasks properly. For full Terms and conditions please follow this link. There will be more exclusive competitions for BACKSTAGE MEMBERS ONLY, coming soon. Make sure you check the newsletters to find out first.

Nigel loves a good film. Why not head over and check out some of his movie reviews.

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