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Which is the correct method for your needs?

There are many ways to contact Nigel but please contact him via the correct channels depending on what it is you require. If you use the wrong method you risk your message not being seen or responded to.

For Work

Firstly if you have a work proposition, please use the contact form to the right. This is for work purposes only. Whether it’s Presenting, Corporate, Voiceover, Events Hosting, Blog Posting, or Online content this will be the best way for you to get a swift response. Please include a brief description of the job and the dates and someone will contact you in due course. As with any job the earlier you get the request in, the more likely Nigel will be free on the dates required.

Contact Nigel for any other reason

Finally if your reason to contact Nigel is more sociable, please use one of the forms of social media. He is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+. There are links to all of these on this page so please feel free you use which ever suits you best. I’m sure he is looking forward to hearing from you.

    Nigel Clarke British TV Presenter


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    Media Production

    As well as being a British TV Presenter Nigel also runs a small media production company. They cover a range of services including, filming of events and performances, editing video footage and DVD production. They also produce corporate videos and Youtube videos and music videos. If you require their services and would like to contact Nigel please click on the Milks Gone Bad Productions Logo below and you will be redirected to the correct place.