Win a set of Thumb Chucks a new toy for 2017

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Thumb Chucks a new toy for 2017

While at the London Toy Fair last month I was introduced to something I’d never seen before. The Nigel Clarke Blog brings you ‘Thumb Chucks’ a new toy for 2017. They are the brand new skill toy from Zing. Based on the Greek toy ‘Begleri’ they are set to be the new skills craze for 2017. They come in a range of different colours and the balls on the end can be detached to swap colours, or to use the ball on its own.

Highly addictive to the skills junkie Thumb Chucks are easy to learn but challenging to master. As you can see from the videos there are a wide range of tricks to learn. And because of this Zing have developed their very own Thumb Chucks app. Here players can watch tutorials, see other tricks people are doing, and showcase their skills with additional special effects.

Become a Thumb Chunks master

To reward players for mastering new tricks Zing have also introduced a belt system. A bit like Karate, once players players have mastered skills they can claim their belts. When you get your first set of chucks they come with a black belt. Once you master the beginner tricks you get a green belt. Intermediate players can claim a blue belt, and advanced players receive the hard to come by red belt.

Currently only available from the Zing website Thumb Chunks will go on sale at toy retailers from May this year. But if you’re feeling lucky maybe you can get a set for free. Find out how below.

Win a set of Thumb Chucks!!

Being the generous go getter that I am I have 5 sets of Thumb Chucks to give away. All you have to do to be in with a chance is to do both of the following things:

  1. Share this Thumb Chucks post on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment below telling me why you should win a set of Thumb Chucks.

Terms and condition apply, follow the link for details

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