New Toblerone Bar Outrage!!

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Nigel Clarke Blog News Flash! There is a New Toblerone Bar!

So I was driving along today and heard that the shape of the new Toblerone bar had changed. My initial reaction was one of “You cant do that! Toblerone’s have been triangular since 1908!”. After a little research I discovered that it wasn’t the triangular prism that had changed, but the space in between them had. This was a little easier to stomach. But Theodor Tobler would still be rolling in his grave at this knowledge.

What’s the Reason?

Why would they do that? I here you ask. Well when you break it down I believe it’s about nothing more than profits. They are changing 2 of the bars that are on sale in the UK. The 400g bar will now weigh 360g, and the 170g bar will now weigh 150g. The cost will of course  remain the same. Mondelez International who make Toblerone blame rising costs for the change. If this was the case wouldn’t the first port of call be to increase the cost of the new Toblerone bar, rather than change is shape? I’m sure most would rather pay an extra 20-30p on a small bar and 40-60p on a large bar. Seems better than losing out on precious chocolate.

What do people think?

Well as you would expect, most people are pretty ticked off! Nobody has anything positive to say about it. And why would they. It wasn’t broke, so why try and fix it. The best thing though, has been some of the social media posts. They’ve had me in stitches.


Sadly, at the end of the day we have lost another classic to big corporation greed. Couldn’t we have voted on this? Then again we can’t trust the public to vote for anything in this day and age!!

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