Stomp in Holland 2016

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An Early Start

4am is never really a good time to wake up, unless it’s to relieve a need;-) But Wednesday was an exception to the rule. I was off on a Press trip to promote Stomp in Holland. 

The team for this little jaunt was myself Fraser Morrison, Andy Patrick, Rob Shaw, Chelsey Jane Foster and Mike Roberts. We met at Gatwick in the early hours. Only thing was, myself and Rob were on standby and a seat on the flight was not guaranteed(Woop woop nice!!). A trip isn’t a trip without a little drama to get the creative juices flowing. After a tense few moments and as the gate closed, we boarded the plane and headed for Hilversum via Amsterdam. 

Tijd voor Max

Once at the studio we were tasked with organising 2 performances for a TV show called ‘Tijd voor Max’. One 30sec piece at the top of the show and in addition to that a 2min piece to close. The 30 sec piece was a standard matches variation from the Stomp stage show. The 2min piece was much more of a creative discovery. Play the kitchen is what we were told. In true Stomp fashion we proceeded to structure an exclusive piece just for this purpose. We used whatever we could find in the studio’s kitchen and the final product can be seen by clicking on this link. (Remember we are on at the start and end).

In between all the travelling, composing, rehearsing and performing there was of course sleeping, eating, photos and drinking. And not necessarily in that order. The most noteworthy things I learnt from the day though were:-

  1. How to make special Celery sauce. (as pictured in the blender)
  2. What a Bajana is! (don’t ask)

Thanks for a long but hugely enjoyable day guys!!

Stomp in Holland

If you would like to see Stomp in Holland the dates here are the dates make sure you book tickets asap

Zwolle 8-9 November 2016

Tilburg 10-11 November 2016

Doetinchem 12-13 November 2016

Alkmaar 15-16 November 2016

Zoetermeer 17-18 November 2016

Apeldoorn 19-20 November 2016

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