Bafta Kids Young Presenter Jury

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Somebody is after your job!

Yesterday I was joined by 10 presenters and industry professionals at Bafta headquarters in London. Including Ben Shires, Lindsey Russell, Katie Thistleton, Rachel Stringer, Luke Franks and London Hughes. Why? Because we had been selected to be on the judging panel for the Bafta Kids Young Presenter competition 2016!!

Over the last few weeks kids aged between 7 and 14 have been sending videos to Bafta showing their presenting skills. Their task was to interview someone who they think deserved an award. It could have been a parent, teacher, sibling or anybody they thought was worthy. The standard of entries was very high, it seems like there are many budding young presenters out there. Consequently it took a while but slowly we whittled the numbers down(while eating copious amounts of food). With 10 entrants left in the mix we put forward our favourites to the rest of the panel. As you can imagine, with a large number of presenters in the room there were some strong opinions. But when it boiled down to it we were almost all in agreement to who our top 4 entries were.

You won’t get any spoilers here but I’m sure the winner will be announced soon.

Finally I’d like to say a big well done to everybody who entered the Bafta Kids Young Presenter Competition, you were all great!!

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