Nigel’s Christmas Twitter Party 2018

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What is a Twitter Party?

I remember asking this the first time I heard someone use ‘Twitter Party’ in a sentence. 3 years later I know exactly what it is, what happens, and I have no shame in saying it’s lots of fun. So let me break it down quickly before letting you know whats happening at Nigel’s Christmas Twitter Party 2018. A Twitter party is an online event that lasts about 1 or 2 hours at a time specified by the host. During that time the host takes to Twitter and sparks conversation, interacts with customers/clients and at the really good ones they give away free stuff. The best thing is that you can attend a twitter party from anywhere. All you need is access to the internet and a Twitter account. 


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When is Nigel’s Christmas Twitter Party 2018?

My Christmas Twitter party is happening on Friday 30th November 2018 from 7pm – 9pm GMT. There will be at least 12 prize winners on the day but that number may increase. Make sure you add yourself to the attending list on the Facebook invite to increase your chances of winning a prize. I am not sure on the full list of prizes yet but regular updates will be published here before it all kicks off. Check back to see what you could win. So far we have..

  • An Inflate-a-mals Ride-On Unicorn (RRP £29.99)
  • A Hatchimals – Hatchibabies toy (RRP £59.99)
  • A Hot Wheels Drone Racerz toy (RRP £39.99)
  • A Luvabella Doll (RRP £89.99)
  • An Air Hogs Supernova (RRP £39.99)
  • A Zoom Tubes Car Trax Starter Kit (RRP £24.99)
  • A Pimple Pete Game (RRP £19.99)
  • An UNTAMED Jailbreak T-Rex Playset (RRP £24.99)
  • A Gravitrax Starter Set (RRP £49.99)
  • A Mary Poppins Book Bundle and Umbrella (RRP £47.96)
  • An Incredibles 2 Power Couple (RRP £29.99)
  • A David Walliams 4 Book Gift Bundle (RRP £59.96)
  • A Sock Game (RRP £19.99)
  • A Grinch Book Bundle (RRP £32.96)
  • An Otrio Board Game (RRP £19.99)
  • A LEGO NINJAGO Lighthouse Seige Set (RRP £39.99)
  • A Hovertrax 1.5 Hoverboard (RRP £249.99)
  • A Hearts by Tiana Backpack (RRP £35.00)
  • A Family Ticket for 4 to a Special David Walliams Book event in London on December 9th 2018 (Travel NOT included)

How do you take part?

If you want to take part in Nigel’s Christmas Twitter Party 2018 here are some guidelines. These should help to increase your chances of winning prizes:

  1. Firstly you need to be following the twitter account of @nigelclarketv, and co-hosts @Londonmums. If you don’t do this, none of your entries will be valid. Plus we will have no way to contact you.
  2. Add yourself to the Facebook invite to let us know you will be attending. And feel free to add friends to the invite list too. (Both these tasks will help you to win prizes on the day.)
  3. Participate in the Twitter Party conversation on Friday 30th November 2018 between 7pm and 9pm. If you are submitting a comment or answer to the conversation it must contain both the Hashtag (#XmasTwitterParty) and Nigel’s Twitter name (@nigelclarketv).
  4. Once questions or tasks go up a Retweet of that question or task will help your cause. It will also let us know that you are intending to submit an answer for that prize. 
  5. Please treat other people involved in the party with kindness and respect. Anyone not complying with this will be disqualified and asked to leave the party.
  6. Follow Nigel on Facebook (Nigel Clarke – TV Presenter)  and Instagram (@nigelclarketv) to increase chances of winning prizes. 1 or 2 questions may cross platforms.

For full Terms and Conditions please follow this link.

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