STOMP on Blue Peter 2017

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Time to Stomp on Blue Peter again!

Last week I journeyed up to Media city in Manchester with a friends old and new to perform with STOMP on Blue Peter. For those who don’t know this is a children’s television show that has been running since 1958. It is the longest running Children’s TV show in the world. I don’t know how many times STOMP have been on the show but I can count at least 6. This being my 3rd outing with the group. Probably the most well remember occasion was when STOMP played their own version of the theme music, which you can hear on the video! The Stomp rendition starts at 2.46.

Get the Presenters and Audience involved

Before our performance the presenters wanted to do a little stomping of there own, so we presented them with a box of goodies and asked them to choose their instruments. My old mate and presenting buddy Barney chose the waste paper bin. Lindsey chose a tea cup and whisk, and Radzi chose a rolling pin and wooden spoon. The challenge was on! As you can see, with a little help from the audience we managed to get a groove going. And in true STOMP style Lindsey broke her cup. Woo Hoo, welcome to the team!

Our performance

Later on it was time for us to perform a piece from the show. We did a 3min version of our most famous routine, ‘Bins’. In the show this number is about 10mins long. So squeezing the best bits into such a small time frame is challenging for both mind and body. But we rose to the task and smacked it out as only we can. The video below shows some behind the scenes footage of our day. As usual we had lots of fun and the highlight for most was receiving the famed Blue Peter Badge.

Thanks for having us, and see you soon!
Check the STOMP Section of my blog for more of our appearances and performances.

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