Spider-Man – Into the Spiderverse  Film Review

Sony pictures latest animation in the Spider-Man – Into the Spiderverse is due for UK release on the 12th of Decemeber. I must say that I wasn’t massively interested in seeing it but a couple tickets to a preview screening came up and my son wanted to see it so off we went. And I was more than pleasantly surprised. So much so that I decided to write this Into the Spiderverse Film Review.

Is there anywhere more for Spider-Man to go?

Before watching this movie I would probably have said no. We all know Spidey, where he came from and what he can do. The formula for any of the films is pretty similar. So much so, that we’ve had 2 similar origins stories made only 10 years apart. This film is different though. Here we open a new door to a universe full of alternate realities and Spider heroes, all of whom have to walk a path of great power and responsibility. And some don’t do it so well.

Whats the Verdict?

Into the Spiderverse is a triumph for Sony animation. What strikes you first is the style of animation and how slick it is. From the opening credits you are exposed to something that feels fresh and cutting edge. That’s hard to do with so many animations being released these days. But I have no doubt that a lot of time was spent getting the right look and feel for the Spiderverse, and boy was it worth it. Not only that, but the characters are great. Much more diverse than previous Spider-Man movies. Our lead character Mile Morales is of mixed heritage and throughout the film he meets a range of different Spider men and women on his quest to find his inner hero.

As with any superhero film there is plenty of action. Some of it is so fast paced that you will need a couple viewings to catch all the subtle  touches for the superhero geeks out there. As well as that, they have thought carefully about the different audiences that will be watching, and littered the story with gags that reach out to each of those audiences. Everyone will go home more than satisfied. And that’s how most people will leave this film. I had a rejuvenated love for Spider-Man and where it may go and if the inevitable spin off series sticks to the high standard it will be loved by many a comic book fan.

And finally…

All the actors voicing characters were on point, and Nicholas Cage’s comedy one liners as Spider-Man Noir were a joy. The only down side to the film was that there were no big twists in the story to throw you off the scent, but this can easily be overlooked with so many other good things happening. I look forward to seeing where the Spiderverse goes next. Well done Sony!

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