Nigel’s Christmas Toy Competition 2019

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Nigel’s Christmas Toy Competition 2019?

It’s that time of year, the mad rush to get Christmas sorted without doing yourself an injury or leaving someone out. That’s where Nigel’s Christmas Toy Competition 2019 comes in handy.  For the 3rd year running I’m giving away a huge bundle of toys to 1 lucky winner. Listed below are all the toys that will be up for grabs and how you can enter this amazing competition. With the total prize value estimated to be over £500 I thought it would also be a great opportunity to raise some money for charity which is why this year I have a donation page to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Whether you take part in this competition or not if you could head to the page and donate I would much appreciate it. Instructions for donating are on the page and donations go straight to GOSH. Please please please share this information with as many people as you can as I would like to raise £2000 for this fantastic organisation.

And if all that wasn’t enough a lot of the toys on the list can also be won in my Christmas Twitter Party 2019.

Polly Pom Pom – from DesignaFriend (RRP £30)

Polly is the latest in the DesignaFriend range and top of the doll lovers list this Christmas. She’s an 18-inch fashion doll inspired by Chanel and designed together with the British kid-youtuber Patience’s Magical Toy Emporium. Polly is a creative spin on the traditional DesignaFriend doll, which offers a new way for kids and collectors to experience the brand.

Features include: Extra long high quality pink hair with pompom headband. Trendy Christmas outfit inspired by Chanel, pink jacket with faux fur collar and sparkling sandals.

Monster Jam Dirt Area Playset (RRP £30)

Take home the Monster Jam fun with the all-new Monster Dirt Arena Playset! This set includes 907.2 g of official Monster Dirt to bring the rough and rugged Monster Jam conditions to life!Inspired by real-life stadiums, the Monster Dirt Arena measures 61 cm wide and allows kids to create endless race and freestyle courses, just like they see in official Monster Jam events. What’s even better is the dirt in this set is actually Kinectic Sand which will keep the messfactor to a minimum. There is also a chance to win this bundle in my Christmas Twitter Party. It all takes place on Friday 6th December 2019 from 7pm to 9pm.

Hatchimals WOW (RRP £70)

This is the largest egg Hatchmals have ever made and the great thing about it is it’s re-hatchable. So you can enjoy that hatching feeling again and again as many times as you want. Combine this with the fact that you are hatching a cross between 2 of the most popular animals currently being sold as toys. Now you have a recipe for a cuteness overload. The soft and fluffy Llalacorn you get inside can grow up to 81cm tall and expresses her emotions through her movements and sounds and reactions of which there are over 250. It’s already on many a Christmas list and I can assure you that whoever ends up with one of these will be a very happy bunny. If you don’t belive me just check out this video.

Candy Locks Sweet Treats BFF pack & Single doll (RRP £17.99 & £9.99 )

Candy Locks are scented collectable dolls with hair so soft, it looks and feels just like candy floss! Each doll has 30cm of multicoloured hair, making it incredibly easy to style. The doll’s unique hair texture makes it simple to create amazing braids, twists, buns, and ponytails that won’t fall out. As well as each doll having it’s own style and colours they all have their own scent such as vanilla cupcake and cotton candy.

The BFF sets include two themed dolls who match each other with combinations such as Chocolate-and-mint or Cookies-and-Cream! With the same unique hair as the basic dolls, these sets are double the fun and there are 4 to collect. 


Air Hogs Upriser Ducati RC Motorbike(RRP £149.99)

This is hands down the best toy I saw at the 2019 Toy Fair in London. You can experience the thrill of Ducati motorcycle racing at your fingertips, with the Upriser Ducati RC motorcycle from Air Hogs! This 1:6 scale replica RC sport bike is unlike any remote-controlled vehicle you’ve ever experienced. Equipped with True Balance and Omni Wheel technology, the Upriser Ducati is able to self-balance at any speed without a kickstand or support! This means that you can pull a wheelie and move in any direction all at the same time. It has to be seen to be believed. Add that to the fact it has a top speed of 12 miles per hour and you understand this is a beast of an RC. I can already see dads up and down the country trying to convince their kids to ask Santa for this one.

Patience Vlogger Doll (RRP £60)

The Designafriend Patience Vlogger doll is the exclusive doll of the Autumn/Winter range 2019. Patience is an 18-inch doll inspired and designed by the British kid-youtuber Patience’s Magical Toy Emporium! It comes with everything you need to be a vlogger just like Patience – The perfect Christmas gift for any potential vlogger out there.

The vlogging set which includes reversable vlogger studio scene, plastic desk, laptop, camera, phone, tripod and mini Designafriend doll to unbox. Is great for a little video making role play. 

Hover-1 Superstar Hoverboard (RRP £250)

Get ready to bring your childhood dreams to life with the Hover-1 Superstar Hoverboard. Ideal as a guilty pleasure or a unique gift for any gadget-lover. The Superstar has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favourite tunes as you cruise in the sunshine. It even has LED wheels, adding a splash of colour and style to every journey. Plus it can all be controlled from the Hover-1 app, which also lets you toggle the difficulty level, track your speed and monitor your route.
With solid 6.5″ wheels, the Superstar is strong and sturdy enough to take any rider (so Dad has no excuse not to give it a go).

Tiny Treasures Fluffy Twin Set (RRP £70)

Tiny Treasures is beautiful realistic baby doll range, perfect for both role play and cuddles. With lots of stylish outfits and accessories The Fluffy Twin Set includes two dolls dressed in extra cozy fluffy all-in-ones for the winter season. As well as that every Tiny Treasures doll has the scent of a real newborn and weighted to feel like a real baby. And each Twin set comes with two birth certificates and two hospital wristbands so you can give your new Tiny Treasures Twins their very own names and birthday.

4x Uni-Verse packs (RRP £40)

Meet the out-of-this-world unicorns of Uni-Verse! It’s so much fun to unbox the surprise collectible unicorn hidden inside every Uni-Verse cloud. Dunk the emoji-inspired cloud in warm water and watch as it magically dissolves. This hints at the world your Uni-Verse unicorn is from! Once the cloud dissolves, the water will even turn into a fun slimy texture! Unwrap each bag to reveal your fabulous unicorn figure and all of its surprises. Including two accessories and a unicorn Toot or Tear-shaped friend matching your character’s theme! Discover unicorns different shapes, sizes and themes with cool styles, scents, colours and more.

Win all the toys and games listed in Nigel’s Christmas Toy Competition 2019 post!

Here is a list of all the items featured on this page that you could win:

  1. Polly Pom Pom – DesignaFriend (RRP £30)
  2. Monster Jam Dirt Arena Playset (RRP £30)
  3. Hatchimals WOW (RRP £70)
  4. Candy Locks Sweet Treats BFF Pack & Single doll (RRP £17.99 & £9.99)
  5. Air Hogs Upriser Ducati RC Motorbike (RRP £149.99)
  6. Patience Vlogger Doll – DesignaFriend (RRP £60)
  7. Hover-1 Superstar Hoverboard (RRP £250)
  8. Tiny Treasures Fluffy Twin Set (RRP £70)
  9. 4x Uni-verse Collectible packs (RRP £40)

There will be NO MORE PRIZES ADDED!! And here’s how to enter…

  1. FOLLOW Nigel on Facebook(/nigelclarkeofficial).
  2. SHARE the Nigel’s Christmas Toy Competition FB post. It’s the one pictured next to or below these instructions.
  3. TAG Friends in the Christmas Toy Competition FB post to increase your chances. Maximum 10 Tags. It’s the one pictured next to or below these instructions.
  4. Donate a MINIMUM of £3 to my Great Ormond Street Hospital JustGiving page. Please use your Nigel Clarke Backstage username or Full Name as your reference.
  5. Tell us which is your favourite toy or game on the list AND why?(very important). Do this by adding a comment HERE in the designated section at the bottom of this ‘Nigel’s Christmas Toy Competition 2019’ blog post. (NOT on Facebook).

Competition closes Sunday 8th of December 2019 at 11:59pm. There is only 1 prize up for grabs, so make sure you read carefully and complete the tasks properly. For full Terms and conditions please follow this link.

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