Toy Competition June 2019

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It’s been too long…

Yes I know it’s been far too long since my last competition. Sorry for dropping the ball, it’s been a busy time with the launch of The Baby Club. But have no fear I’m back in the game now and I have 5 separate toys up for grabs for your little terrors. It’s time for my Toy Competition June 2019. Below is a description of each of the prizes, plus three of them have full reviews on my site. Make sure you have a look if you want to know what I thought of them.

Pet Squeaks Robotic Pet (RRP £14.99)

PetSqueaks™ are cute little pocket-sized robotic pets fromVTech®. Each one has 3 sensors that trigger fun and interactive responses when played with. Once you turn them on they move and scurry around on flat surfaces just like a real pet! PetSqueaks™ come with 3 accessories; headwear, jacket and a food item. Put the food item in your pets hands to see their cheeks light up in delight as they eat!

Safe for kids aged 3 and up. They will have hours of fun playing with their new pet friends who are small enough to accompany you on a day out. Head to the full review to see what I thought of them.


Hot Wheels Tile Track Playset (RRP £19.99)

Hot Wheels Tile Track Playset is a very basic vehicle and track set for toddlers. And it’s a great addition to this Toy Competition June 2019. Build the track using the 8 colourful jumbo tile pieces and watch your vehicle race round and around. With over 50 different track configurations there is no chance of things getting stagnant. Plus the motorised vehicle will also run on any flat surface so if it goes off track the fun doesn’t stop.

Finally this is a S.T.E.M toy developed with child development, problem solving and coordination in mind. For those not familiar with S.T.E.M it’s a curriculum that educates students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Full Review here.

Incredibles 2 Hydrofoil (RRP £39.99)

Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 brings back everyone’s favourite family of superheroes in an exciting, hilarious, and heartfelt super-sequel.  The new chapter sees Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack encounter a brand new nemesis that puts their power and their family to the ultimate test. This is the Ultimate Junior Supers Playset! Featuring a Launching missile, Fold out Ice Slide, Watercraft, Grabbing arm, Trap Door, Rotating cooling chamber. Hydroliner rolls forward. Includes: 1 Hydroliner, 1 Elastigirl Figure, 1 Watercraft, 1 Lifesaver, and 2 Missiles.

Giant Fire Breathing Dragon Toothless and Viking and Dragon Playset  (RRP £34.99 & 14.99)

Dreamworks Giant Fire Breathing Toothless is the latest How to Train Your Dragon toy from Spin Master. First and foremost it measures over 20 inches long with 22-inch, pull-open wings and it’s got a few exciting battle features. These include lights, a glow in the dark projectile, and a special saddle to hold your viking riders. One of the coolest things though is it’s smoke like effect, created using water vapour. Check out my Fire Breathing Toothless review.

Zoom Tubes Car Trax Starter Kit (RRP £24.99)

Toy car racing gets an overhaul with Zoom Tubes Car Trax and it’s not even on sale in the UK yet. Rather than flat track pieces, it comes with several clear tubes that can be connected together to form any number of insane configurations. The included remote-controlled car lights up, creating a strobe effect as it flies through the track. Use the included USB cord to recharge your miniature vehicle. Start your high-speed adventure with this Starter kit but this is only the beginning. There are expansion packs that can be bought  to make huge courses for this cool toy.

Win one of the toys and games listed on this Toy Competition June 2019 post

For your chance to win one of the items featured on this page:

  1. A PetSqueaks Robotic Pet (RRP £14.99)
  2. A Hot Wheels Tile Track Playset (RRP £19.99)
  3. An Incredibles 2 Hydrofoil (RRP 39.99)
  4. A Giant Fire Breathing Toothless plus a Viking and Dragon playset (RRP £34.99 & £14.99)
  5. A Zoom Tube Car Trax Starter Kit (RRP £24.99

You need to complete the 2 tasks listed below. The more you do, the better your chances.

  1. Follow Nigel on Facebook(/nigelclarkeofficial), Twitter(@nigelclarketv), or Instagram(@nigelclarketv).
  2. Get involved in the ‘Dadvengers’ posts that will be appearing on my website. LIKE them, SHARE them with friends and other parents, and most importantly COMMENT and start conversation on them. At the time this competition started there was only 1 post (Nigel’s Baby Club Diaries – Dadvengers). Since then Dadvengers – Dads and Baby Groups has been added and before the end there may be 1 more. Please make sure your comments are truthful as I am trying to initiate a forum and conversation by parents to support hands-on dads. NOTE 01: Being a member of the backstage area of this website will increase your chances of winning. NOTE 02: The more Dadvengers posts you get involved and share your views on the higher your chances of winning a prize. 

Competition closes Sunday 23rd of June 2019 at 11:59pm. There will be 5 winners each getting 1 prize, good luck. For full Terms and conditions please follow this link

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