Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018

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Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018

In the October half term I hosted the Entertainer Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018. For 3 days I took to the stage with some of the UK’s most well known YouTubers including Jamie Jo, Dom Vlogs, Birdkeeper Toby, Ruby and Bonnie and Coco’s World. A massive shout to Spinmaster UK who supplied all of the blind boxes for the sessions. We got to check out all the cool new toys they have ready for Christmas. And some of the lucky attendees won some prizes too. Keep reading to find out more about my favourite picks and for an opportunity to win your very own prize bundle. 

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Hatchimals – Hatchibabies (RRP £59.99)

Since their launch in 2016 when it was one of the most popular toys for Christmas, the Hatchimals brand has gone from strength to strength. The latest hatchlings in the series are the Hatchibabies. They come in two new species – Ponette and Cheetree – and whether you hatch a boy or girl, these new characters will make adorable additions to your Hatchifamily! As with previous models you must nurture and care for your Hatchimal if you want it to hatch. Then once it’s hatched, you begin the journey of getting to know it’s personality by teaching it words and playing games with it. Games include Peek A Boo, Bouncing Baby and Animal colours to name a few and you can also use the accessories to make your Hatchibabies do different things. Each one has a secret trick to discover.

The reaction from people attending the unboxing alone, was enough to show me that this toy hasn’t lost its appeal and cuteness factor. Still one to watch.


Boxer Interactive Robot (RRP £79.99)

Boxer is the brand new interactive robot on the scene. It’s a loveable and playful robot pal with a quirky personality. It has multiple IR sensors, an internal rechargeable battery, and touch sensors all of which help this robot look and feel state of the art.

When we unboxed this the thing that first struck me was how many different ways there are to play. Firstly there are 10 activity cards, each of which put Boxer into a new mode. Whether it’s Soccer mode, Dance party mode, Fortune Teller Mode or any of the others you soon find there’s lots more to this A.I. robot than meets the eye. Secondly you can play with boxer via a downloadable app, adding more playability and functions. And finally it comes with a control unit effectively turning Boxer into a Radio controlled vehicle. I definitely recommend this toy for all the gadget loving kids out there, and their parents will love it too.

Luvabella (RRP £89.99)

Luvabella is a loveable and lifelike baby doll that keeps kids engaged through nurture and play. With over 200 unique responses it is hard to predict what this doll is going to do. This makes the imaginative role play experience of looking after a baby all the more real. The doll comes in both boy and girl models, and each is sold with 3 accessories and a dummy. From feeding time with her spoon, play time with her Lamby, to nap time with her bottle, Luvabella will respond with natural reactions. The most amazing thing about this doll though, is the fact that the more you play with it, the more it learns, and there are over 100 words you can teach it. 

Air Hogs – Supernova (RRP £39.99)

The Air Hogs Supernova is a gravity defying orb with a difference. Normal flying toys have a remote control, but with this one you and your body movements become the controller. It uses motion and laser sensors to read and respond to gestures, allowing for a variety of different forms of expression. There are over 30 moves to master and 9 Super tricks that range from easy to complex.

Playing with this was great fun and as you learn more of the gesture controls the Air Hogs Supernova becomes more of an extension of the user rather than something separate. You can learn solo or pass back and forth with friends and see what amazing tricks you can pull off. Plus the orb is engineered to handle the unexpected, Air Hogs Supernova is equipped with collision avoidance and stable flight technology – it’s ready for anything.


Pimple Pete (RRP £19.99)

Pimple Pete is a fun family game for 2-4 players. Take it in turns to pull Pete’s pimples being careful not to explode the mega Pimple in the middle of his nose. It’s a game of delicacy where the person with the lightest touch wins and the heavy handed loser gets wet. I can definitely see the family fun in this one and its simplicity means all ages can get involved easily.

Win all the toys and games listed in this Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018 post!

For your chance to win all the items featured on this page:

  1. Hatchimals  – Hatchibabies (RRP £59.99)
  2. Boxer Interactive Robot (£79.99)
  3. Luvabella (RRP £89.99)
  4. Air Hogs – Supernova (RRP £39.99)
  5. Pimple Pete Game (£19.99)

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