Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Review – NO SPOILERS

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Avengers Infinity War Review – The wait is over!

10 years in the making and it is finally time for my Avengers Infinity War review. Ever since Samuel L Jackson appeared as Nick in the first Marvel post credits scene, fans and non fans have been wondering what it’s all been about. Where it was all leading. Last week the eager found out. I could have written this back then but I wanted things to soak in. I wanted a second viewing to make sure I wasn’t caught up in the initial excitement. A week later… I’ve seen it twice and can safely say this Avengers Infinity War Review is from a place of evaluated emotion and is not knee jerk reaction.

Where does one begin?

The film gets straight to it and with a cast of over 40 characters from the previous 18 Marvel films making appearances you can understand the urgency. Thanos is the common enemy that 90% of the universe is in opposition with and we find out almost immediately the kind of megalomanic we are dealing with. From here on, the film is a rollercoaster of meetings, battles, that intertwine all our favourite characters in a story that puts some of the oddest pairings together in a bid to save the galaxy. This sparks a myriad of comedic moments laced throughout all the hard hitting drama and life threatening moments. This may sound like a strange mix but it works so well. At no point does it feel forced or unnecessary.

Who to watch out for?

There are great performances by all involved and even with screen time split between so many, there are some stand out performances. Thanos is a suitably powerful and evil foe, and Josh Brolin brings a calm and calculated nature that is both eerie and menacing. Thor really stepped up a notch in this one and is definitely playing into his role of a God rather than just a superhero. Tony Stark is his usual witty self and Bruce Banner/The Hulk have some comedy gold moments which continue the character arc nicely from Thor Ragnarok.

What’s the Verdict?

In all honesty it’s set a new bar! Never before have we seen 18 films that all point towards 1 film. And you really can get as deeply involved as you want. You can watch it as a stand alone movie and not feel like you’re missing out. Or you can have studied all 18 films and be able to recite them. Either way you will take something away from this. It’s not the sort of film where you come out with nothing to say.

The story is great. It has a perfect balance of action, adventure, comedy, drama and emotion. The effects are as you would expect. And the entertainment factor is the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s definitely worth the price of admission.
Is this the end of the saga? No! With the success of Black Panther, Captain America Civil War and now this, I doubt Marvel will be wrapping things up any time soon. I’m sure there is plenty more to come but I’ll save that for another review.
Hopefully you will enjoy Infinity War as much as I did.


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