Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition – Birmingham NEC 2018

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What is Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition 2018?

For the third year in a row I am hosting the main stage at Kidtropolis. This rapidly growing event is a great day out for kids and their families. To get a little idea of what the event is like head to the Kidtropolis website. Or for a review of the first ever event check out my 2016 blog post. New for this year I am running Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition, your chance to win the 6 amazing prizes listed below. 

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Ben 10 Rustbucket Playset (RRP £49.99)

As you know I host the Ben 10 Challenge on Cartoon Network, which has enabled me to get my hands on this great toy. While on an extended summer vacation with his Grandpa Max, Ben Tennyson and Cousin Gwen travel all over the country in their mobile home – The Rustbucket. Now you can re- create all your favourite scenes from the hit TV show with your very own Rustbucket playset including several interactive features across 3 different levels of play! The Rustbucket opens over 2 feet tall and features: 2-sided computer screen and alien exam table Projectile shooting launcher, Telescoping radar dish, Flip out panels, Control chair, Launches plasma blasts, Rotating cannon chair, Alien grabbing claw, Alien transformation chamber.

And to add to that I am also throwing in an assortment of 5 Ben 10 Figures for you to battle away to your hearts content.

Air Hogs – Sonic Rocket (RRP £19.99)

Launch up to 200 ft in the air with the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket! Ready to go right out of the box, the Sonic Rocket is just waiting to be unleashed outside. For a full adrenaline- pumping experience, this rocket features a rotating countdown, real rocket-style acceleration, and easy-glide descent! You get to choose between three power modes of 50 ft, 100 ft, or 200 ft! Make your selection then blast-off!

With 50 launches per charge, you can send your rocket into the atmosphere again and again! Then recharge quickly via USB. Designed to last, the Sonic Rocket is made with crash- resistant EPP foam. 3-2-1- blast-off with Air Hogs’ Sonic Rocket!

Flush Force Collectibles Bundle (RRP £20+)

Flush Force is the New collectibles range from Spin Master. Watch out! Toxic sludge has mutated everything in the sewer. All the things you’ve flushed are now coming back up the toilet to attack. Collect them all and flush them back! With the bundle you’ll get:

  1. A Flush force number 2 Pack – Experience flush-and-reveal technology! Fill the toilet’s tank with water and shake, shake, shake! If the water changes colour, you’ve got a rare character.
  2. A Flush Force Filthy 5 Pack – Fill the toilet’s tank with water and shake! If the water turns green, you have a rare Clogger! If it turns purple, you have a super rare Unflushable!
  3. A Flush Force Collect-a-Bowl – The Collect-A-Bowl comes with 4 exclusive Foul Floater Flushies! Start collecting all 150 mutant creatures and stash some inside your toilet! The Collect-A-Bowl can store 50+ Flushies. Plus, this toilet doesn’t just look gross – it sounds gross too! Hit the handle and fill the air with the sound of hilarious farts and flushes!

Inflate-a-mals Ride on Unicorn – from DGL Toys (RRP £29.99)

This may arguably become the cutest and most practical toy in Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition 2018. Inflate-a-mals are big, soft, cuddly, lightweight and tons of fun! This unique kind of inflatable soft toy is stuffed with an inflatable PVC bladder that is easily blown up. The Inflate-a-mal characters come in a variety of large sizes, but, when deflated, they will fit anywhere so a child can take it with him when traveling. So you can Unbox, Inflate, Play & Store easily.

Hover 1 Electric Scooter – DGL Toys (RRP £249.99)

Over the last couple of years hoverboards have become one of the top toys on kids wish lists. If you are looking for a hoverboard with all the bells and whistles then look no further. This state of the art machine is app enabled, giving you control over the LED lights and allowing you to choose between rider modes. As well as that you can track your journey, and keep an eye on your speed. You won’t even need headphones with this one as it’s got a built in Bluetooth speaker to play your tunes as you ride.

Nintendo Switch with Nintendo LABO Variety Pack (RRP £279.99 & £59.99)

The Nintendo Switch is the games console that adapts to suit your lifestyle. It’s only been on the market for a year but already its a firm favourite with gamers. One of the reasons is that you can enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, with flexible and free play modes.
Not only am I giving away a Switch but you’ll also get the hotly anticipated Nintendo LABO Variety Pack to go with it. Transform cardboard into almost anything with this new MAKE, PLAY and DISCOVER system. This pack includes a Motorbike, a Fishing Rod, an RC Car, a House and a Piano. All of which interact with the LABO software.

Win all the toys and games listed in Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition 2018 post!

For your chance to win all the items featured on this page including:

  1. A Rustbucket Payset & 5 Ben 10 Figures (RRP £49.99+)
  2. An Air Hogs Sonic Rocket (RRP £19.99)
  3. A Flush Force Collectibles Bundle (RRP £20+)
  4. An Inflate-a-mals Ride on Unicorn (RRP £29.99)
  5. A  Hover 1 Electric Scooter (RRP £249.99)
  6. A Nintendo Switch with Nintendo LABO Variety Pack (RRP £279.99 & £59.99)

You need to follow at least one of the entry methods below. Or do both for 2 chances to win!

Entry Method 1

  1. Take a photo of you and your family having fun at Kidtropolis Birmingham 2018.
  2. Upload that photo to social media. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  3. Tag Nigel in the comments. Facebook(Nigel Clarke – TV Presenter), Instagram(@nigelclarketv), (Twitter-@nigelclarketv).
  4. Use the competition Hashtag #Kidtropoliscomp

Tips and Bonus points
a) If Nigel is in your photo your chances of winning increase.
b) Make sure your social media profile is not set to private. Nigel won’t see your entry.

Entry method 1 closes on Tuesday 10th April 2018 at 11.59pm. There is only 1 prize up for grabs in this entry method, so make sure you complete ALL the tasks properly. For full Terms and Conditions please follow this link.

Entry Method 2

  1. Follow Nigel on Facebook(Nigel Clarke – TV Presenter), Twitter(@nigelclarketv), or Instagram(@nigelclarketv).
  2. Share this ”Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition’ blog post on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  3. Tell us which is your favourite toy or game on the list AND why? Do this by adding a comment in the designated section at the bottom of this ‘Nigel’s Kidtropolis Toy Competition’ blog post.(very important)

Entry method 2 closes Sunday 29th of April at 11:59pm. There is only 1 prize up for grabs in this entry method, so make sure you complete ALL the tasks properly. For full Terms and Conditions please follow this link.

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