Move It 2018 – What a weekend

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Move It 2018 

Last weekend I hosted the Move it Showcase Theatre stage! For readers of the Nigel Clarke blog who don’t know, it’s the place to see the hot up and coming dancers and performers that are training professionally in the UK. All the leading dance colleges and academies are represented putting on various showcases, exhibiting their performance prowess, and generally seeing what the competition is up to. Many are saying Move It 2018 was the best year yet but what do you think? Feel free to comment below. 

Being the host I got to see all the performances and I must say, I was blown away. Having come from a performing arts background I know how hard these guys work, and it’s good to see there is still a vibrant energy and healthy competition amongst the students. Just talking to all the performers backstage, it was clear to see how much they love what they do. It’s a tough industry, even more so than 20 years ago, but this seems to have just pushed the standards ever higher.

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The Main Hall

I was stationed in the Showcase Theatre but I did manage to take a few moments to have a wander around and it was good to see the usual suspects as well as some new brands and establishments. Flawless were their with both the Adult crew and the Dance School, Studio 68 were there with their big smiles and lively attitudes. The Freestyle Stage was competitive as ever with both the young and more experienced throwing down. Another popular stand at Move It 2018 was Acro Pad. A very new company but I can see it becoming a firm favourite with the public. Make sure you check out the video which includes interviews with Italia Conti, Ginge and the ‘Move It’ organisers.

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