Toy Fair 2018 Highlights & Competition

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What is Toy Fair 2018?

Every January in the UK, the toy industry descends upon Kensington Olympia. They talk toys, show toys, play toys and even be toys, all with not many children about. I’ve been attending for the last 5 years now and its always fun to find out what the predicted trends are and see the new developments in toy technology. The thing is, nobody can truly predict what kids will like and thats the beauty of it. You can’t tell a child what to like. This time last year I hadn’t seen a single fidget spinner at the event. But that didn’t stop me having to track 2 down to simmer the cries of “My friends got one!”. That’s why my Toy Fair 2018 Highlights are solely based on what I (Nigel the big kid) liked and wanted to take home.

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DRX Monster X-Terrain Drone – Hot Wheels/Bladez (RRP £49.99)

The big brother to the Hot Wheels Drone and Vehicle set that was released last year, this was my favourite toy this year. It’s a 3 in 1 vehicle that performs on land, in the air and on the water. That’s right this puppy floats! Though they’ve moved away from the Hot Wheels track compatibility with this new addition to the range. But I don’t think any of you will have a problem with that once you get your hands on one.

A major plus point for me was its stability in the air. A really smooth and controlled flight once you’ve mastered the controls and in addition a little tearaway on land. Let’s just hope you don’t run out of batteries in the middle of a lake, because you definitely won’t be leaving this toy there. Also you’ll find it hard to buy one of these at the moment as it was just awarded a Hero Toy award at Toy Fair 2018 and was published in the London Metro Lust List. Consequently Uncle Nigel’s competition to win this and every other toy on the list is pretty darn exclusive! Also there might be an opportunity to win more Hot Wheels drones in the Backstage area soon. Just saying! Sign up now

Bush Baby World – Scented Blossom Meadow Bush Babies (RRP £12.99 each)

Last year we were introduced to Bush Babies. Adorable little cuddly toys that wiggle their eyes and waggle their ears. New for Toy Fair 2018 we also have the Blossom meadows range which includes 2 scented Bush Babies Lili and Rosi. They both have a unique blossom scent and come with a flower shaped brush for their beautiful bright long hair. My daughter loved Bush Babies last year and they were guests at many a tea party and accompanied us on many a trip. The unmistakable cuteness of the new range will only mean more for tea in my house.

Re:creation – Kicker Ball (RRP £17.99)

The footballers out there are gonna love this one! And it’s just in time for the World Cup 2018. For all those who have wanted to bend it like Beckham down at the local park, that dream just became a reality. Kickerball has uniquely designed panels that enable you to bend, curve and swerve this trick ball like a pro. Finally it also comes with instructions for 6 amazing trick shots. The challenges that kids will set each other with one of these, will turn a standard kick about in the park into the game winning free kick at the World Cup Final.

Boom Ball – IMC (RRP £26.99)

This one is for all the family. Seems like over the last few years the classic board game has had some stiff competition from the activity based games. Boom ball is one of the best examples of this style of game. Boom ball is a cannon that fires out ping pong balls for players to catch. Sounds straight forward but you have to catch the balls using a net that you wear above your head. The player who catches the most balls wins. A great social game, this will have everyone competing and laughing together. (By the way, I’m the reigning champ – come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.???)

Cake Pop Cuties – Character (RRP £4.99 each)

Last year I was introduced to the squishy. Small items in all different shapes and sizes that are made out of that squishy stress ball kind of foam. Well this year things have moved on and we have Cake Pop Cuties. Each lollipop shaped Cake pop, contains a squishy foam cute character. 12 characters to collect in total. While super shy, they look so sweet….what will be your magical bakery treat?

Meccano 5 model & 10 Model Car Sets (RRP £14.99 & £19.99)

Meccano is always a solid choice when it comes to toys and especially builder toys. Furthermore the newer set have started integrating malleable plastic pieces which enable better sculpting of the models. The sets that caught my eye at Toy Fair were the exciting 5 Model and also the 10 model motorized car sets, which will be pleasing to both parent and child. For a very reasonable price(mums and dads) you get 5 or 10 builds(thats up to 10 different cars). Ranging between 1 and 3hrs there are varying skill levels all in the same pack. I mean it’s not often you get a bargain like that these days. Imagine going down to your local car dealership and asking for 10 cars for the price of one, you’d be laughed off the forecourt. Well done Meccano!
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Laser X (2 Player pack) – Character (RRP 49.99)

Laser X is a Laser tag styled game for home use. First of all, I liked this one because it reminded me of all those weekends spent at friend’s Quaser birthday parties. Running around in the dark and jumping out of my skin when getting unexpectedly shot. For use Indoors and outdoors it’s the game that lets children and adults alike blast their opponents with impressive light and sound effect laser guns. The product came on the market last year and is currently in such high demand in the UK that most places have sold out. Stick with me though I’ve got a 2 player set up for grabs at the bottom of this post.

Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone – DGL Toys (RRP £119.99)

I wouldn’t be a proper dad if I didn’t put something in this list for the big kids. You know… the toy you buy your 4 year old and say “ah I thought they would be able to handle it” and end up playing yourself. This drone is for ages 14 and up. It’s easy to fly. It has a camera that can connect to you phone via wifi for photo or videos. It does stunts and flips. Its a big kids dream! I know…I know…you want one. Thing is they aren’t available in the UK for a few weeks yet. So if you want one before then, enter the competition at the bottom of this blog post and make sure you are signed up to the Backstage area of my website. There will be another chance to win one there soon. Sign up now

Replay Yoyo – Yoyo Factory (RRP £9.99)

Last but by no means least is the good old yoyo. They have been around for years and every generation has a moment when they become the craze. It happened in the 80’s and the 90’s and it must have happened in the noughties. This decade hasn’t had it’s turn yet. Could this be the year. With folks like Gentry Stein(World Champion) and Ann Connolly heading up a movement from Yoyo Factory, I reckon it could be. Yoyo Factory have many different models for beginners and professionals alike, but make sure you check out the ‘Replay’ which was designed especially for Gentry.

Win all the toys and games listed in this Toy Fair 2018 Highlights post!

For your chance to win all the items featured on this page including:

  1. A Hot Wheels DRX Monster X-terrain Drone (RRP £49.99)
  2. A Scented Meadow Blossom Bush Baby (RRP £12.99)
  3. A KickerBall (RRP 17.99)
  4. A Boom Ball Game (RRP £26.99)
  5. A  Cake Pop Cutie – Character (RRP £4.99 each)
  6. A Meccano 5 Model and 10 Model Car set (RRP £14.99 & £19.99)
  7. A Laser X – 2 Player pack (RRP £49.99)
  8. Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone (RRP £119.99)
  9. A Yoyo Factory Gentry Stein ‘Replay’ yoyo (RRP £9.99)

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