Black Panther – A New Black Role Model

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Black Panther – A New Black Role Model

Last night was the European Premiere of Marvel’s hotly anticipated Black Panther. And if we are to believe what we read, it has had the highest pre sale of any superhero film ever. Surpassing the record previously set by Batman Vs Superman. More than anything this suggests it’s something the public has been waiting for, something that’s been overdue. A real, Black Superhero Movie!
Is Black Panther – A New Black Role Model?

I can already hear the movie buffs in the background screaming ‘But what about Blade?’, What about ‘Storm?’, ‘Catwoman?’, ‘Hancock?’ ‘Nick Fury?’. To answer I say…
Blade – Nearly. But not quite aspirational enough. Plus we don’t burn that easily in the sun.
Storm – Another nearly. Also she has no stand alone movie.
Catwoman – Does this really need a response?
Hancock – Why does a black superhero have to have to be a drunk with criminal tendencies. Fun but no thanks.
Nick Fury – What can he actually do?(sorry Samuel! You still my Mu@$%£F&*%$r).


More than a Superhero movie

This film is more than just a superhero movie, its like a Bat signal to anyone black or from an ethnic minority background. It says, we know you’ve been ignored we know you haven’t been represented, the time has come. Black Panther is first black superhero that I’m pleased to say is also a black role model. I cannot stress how important this is in this day and age. If you’re white you had Superman, whose first film was in 1978. It’s only taken 40 years for the black equivalent. Someone black parents wouldn’t mind their kids growing up to be like. Someone with honour, someone with dignity, someone with strength and compassion, someone to lead you to greatness.

Why we need more black role models?

We live in a society where there have not been enough strong black role models. Where many black fathers are not around, where the youth have lost their way. We are barely 6 weeks into the year and 8 fatal stabbings have already happened in London. How many of the attackers were black? Grime music, which celebrates gang mentality, is one of our youths biggest outlets, doesn’t that tell us anything? Its a sad state of affairs! But hopefully in Black Panther – A New Black Role Model has arrived. A role model not just black youth but for all youth. The fact that a black man can save the day and be a good man, is important for all kids to see. It helps reverse negative stereotypes.

I took my son to the premiere for a little father son bonding time, as i felt it was important. Like Seeing Superman was important for me as a child. And I’m so glad I did, what an experience! So many aspirational black people in the building. Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Lupita Nyong’o, Daniel Kaluuya. We even managed to meet and Kanya King(MOBO). Hopefully it will given him some more people to look up to and I have a feeling it will be something he will remember for the rest of his life.


I wish Marvel and everyone involved all the success with this film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out my review, and let’s hope it triggers more ethnic leads across all genres. Everyone needs a hero. And its about time that all races could apply.

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