Al Pascal Spring Charity Concert March 2016

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Don’t stop the music!

This weekend the Al Pascal Spring Charity concert was held at The Bohemia in Finchley. Having been involved with Al Pascal music since its inception 10 years ago, events like these are more of a labour of love for me. With my son also taking part in the gig for the first time, it was an extra special pleasure to be hosting this concert.

As usual the vibe was great and the venue gave performers a unique opportunity to experience an authentic rock concert. Musicians ranged in ages from 7-50 years old, and the genres played were just as wide. Al Pascal has done North London proud and its an honour to be involved. The concert also serves as a fundraiser for the Teenage Cancer Trust. This weekend they raised £1692 pounds, taking their grand total raised over the years to £20,051. Well done team!

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