The Good Dinosaur – Access All Areas

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TV Presenter Nigel Clarke filming in the limo for 'The Good Dinosaur - Access All Areas' Filmed in Dartmoor

The Good Dinosaur – Access All Areas

One of the top Titles from the team at Disney Pixar Studios ‘The Good Dinosaur’, was released in December 2016.  Earlier that year British TV Presenter Nigel Clarke spent 4 days in Dartmoor. He was making a behind the scenes programme on the movie. In true Nigel Clarke style he did not have to just take a look at how the film was made. The film is centred around a young dinosaur that ends up going on an adventurous journey fraught with danger. So instead Nigel had to complete a series tasks that followed in the footsteps of the lead character, called Arlo. This led to training from the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, which included, building shelters, living off the land, traversing rivers, orienteering and more.

The Team Behind It

Nigel Clarke, Good Night Dartmoor 'The Good Dinosaur - Access All Areas' Filmed in Dartmoor

The program was made by Will Johnson and the team at Wired. Nigel has worked with these guys quite a bit over the last few years, having met while working on the Disney Channel My Camp Rock 2 Tour. Since then they have made movie specials on Frozen, Monsters University, Big Hero 6 and Pirates Of the Caribbean.

While making the program he met with TV Presenter Paula Dalli and the team from Disney Spain. They were making a Spanish version of the program. As you can see from the photos and the video, the production was quite an undertaking. And doing everything in 2 languages meant everyone had to be on top form. The results speak for themselves and both Disney UK and Disney Spain were more than happy.

The finished programme was aired in the run up to ‘The Good Dinosaur’ release. And was seen on Disney Channel and Disney XD. If you missed it you can check it out below.

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