Cinderella UK Premiere – London

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You shall go to the ball!!!

Yesterday I was working for Disney and hosted the red carpet(blue carpet)for the Cinderella UK Premiere. Held at the Odeon in Leicester Sq, the event was attended by the movie’s actors and actresses. In addition many of the UK’s Showbiz elite were also present. Including Lilly James, Kenneth Branagh, and Richard Madden(Game of Thrones). Most note worthy for the London crowds though, was of course, Helena Bonham Carter. The much loved actress plays a quirky Fairy Godmother in this new adaptation of the well known fairy tale. I am always surprised at how dedicated some fans can be, and yesterday was no exception. The top pick had Helena Bonham Carter’s autograph tattooed on his arm. Now thats dedication for you!

It was also good to see my old partner in crime from My Camp Rock 2, Sarah Jane Crawford. It brought back memories of the fun we had filming the show all those years ago.


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